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Simply Being You Can Change A Life Forever

An unexpected request from a teacher I had 30 years ago, lead me to walk down memory lane, today.  The request was to write a letter to another person, Joyce, whose talents and creativity had an influence me and many others.  The intended surprise for Joyce was to compile letters from those she has influenced by naturally being herself and in return the letters will lift her spirits and give her renewed affirmation of her worth.  
Barnes and Noble cafĂ© and a table by the window provided a nice atmosphere to rediscover the memories in the back of my mind.  A Starbuck Caramel Frappuccino  (with no whipped Cream),  provided me company and I was able to jot my thoughts down on the inspirational paper I had chosen to use as the backdrop for me letter. 
This woman had only influenced my life in a 3 year period of time for only about 3 months each year. What an impact she did have on me.  She made me feel special because she believed in me. I don't remember all the details of those time…
I was listening to one of my 2013 Success Magazine CD's today and heard this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. Reviewing it in my mind as to how this is applicable to my life, my mind analysed that fear is. I became aware thathesitation, insecurity, procrastination, avoidance, anger, worry, guilt and anxietyare emotions that point me towards fear.  Some of the smallest things can enable me, like making a phone call, confronting someone, speaking up in a group, traveling to a new place, admitting I made a mistake, and etc. Some of these things can set me back and allows the rhythm and flow of my life.  

On the CD, Darren Hardy, the editor and Chief of Success Magazine, stated that everyday, when he wakes up, he identifies the fears that he has and creates a plan to move through them that day. (I am paraphrasing). On Darren's facebook page today, he had two saying: 

"Fear doesn't prevent death, but it certainly prevents life." ~ Darren Hardy  and "The only thing we ha…